Roberta Kevelson Award

The Kevelson Award honors the best student paper presented at the SSA annual meeting (if, in the committee’s judgment, a paper has been submitted that is worthy of this award). The winner of the Kevelson Award will have their paper published in the SSA Yearbook with page costs waived.

KevelsonRoberta Kevelson (1931–1998) was a semiotician and an important authority on the pragmatism theories of Charles Sanders Peirce. She was a professor at Pennsylvania State University and The College of William & Mary. Among her published works are High FivesThe Inverted PyramidThe Law as the System of Signs and, possibly her most significant work, Peirce and the Mark of the Gryphon. She was a founding member of the Semiotic Society of America.


2014 Kevelson Award Winner
John Treddinick-Rowe
University of Exeter Medical School

Cheryl Williams
York University