Dear Friends

The transportation from Lexington to Berea is difficult to coordinate. In an effort to help our members, we are offering free shuttles from Lexington Airport to Berea, and from Berea to Lexington Airport. In order to group as many guests as possible, and to provide a service to several members we ask that you send the following information:

Do not leave a message, it doesn’t guarantee we will get the information. We will acknowledge receipt of your email.

Please provide the following (VERY IMPORTANT)

  • Your full name
  • Your email
  • Your cell number
  • Airline and flight number
  • Flight coming from:
  • Estimated time or arrival in Lexington

Please make sure to follow these directions so we can coordinate your transportation. You may be required to wait until a group is formed. We will try our best to minimize the wait, we are planning not to exceed 90-120 minutes wait. If you are unable to wait, you may want to consider Uber, Lyft, or car rentals. We are looking forward to seeing you in Berea. 


Javier Clavere 

SSA Executive Director

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