Address: Av 11 Poniente 2309, Águila, Puebla, Pue.

Phone: 01 222 229 9400 ext. 7060

UPAEP is an urban university located in the heart of Puebla City.  There are many buildings belonging to UPAEP but the main reference to locate the Centro de Vinculación UPAEP (conference center) is to identify the CENTRAL CAMPUS whose address is 21 sur (south) 1103 Col. Santiago. The Centro de Vinculación UPAEP (conference center) is located on the street just behind the main entrance of central campus, on 11 poniente (west) Avenue between 23 sur (south) street and 25 sur (south). For reference, UPAEP Central Campus also has a rear entrance on 23 South Avenue. If you locate this entrance, you will be completely in front of the street where Centro de Vinculación is located.

centro de vinculación directions[2]

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