Keynote Speakers, SSA 40th Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA

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Michael L. Raposa

On the Very Idea of a Virtual Community: Peirce and Royce Revisited

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Michael L. Raposa is Professor of Religion Studies and the E.W. Fairchild Professor of American Studies at Lehigh University, where he has been a member of the faculty since 1985. He served as Associate Dean for undergraduate programs in the College of Arts and Sciences at Lehigh from 2006 to 2008. Prof. Raposa received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Yale University, and his doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania in 1987. He is the author of three books, Peirce’s Philosophy of Religion (Indiana, 1989), Boredom and the Religious Imagination (Virginia, 1999), and Meditation & the Martial Arts (Virginia, 2003); he is presently completing a book entitled Theosemiotic: Religion as Rereading in a World Perfused with Signs (under contract with Fordham University Press). In addition, Raposa has published numerous articles and reviews, many of the articles focused on the thought of Charles S. Peirce and the relevance of pragmatism for contemporary philosophy of religion.

Sheril Kirshenbaum

Sheril Kirshenbaum

The Kiss and Human Connection through Time and Space

Friday, October 2, 2015

Sheril Kirshenbaum is Director of The Energy Poll at The University of Texas at Austin. She works to enhance public understanding of science and energy issues and improve communication between scientists, policymakers, and the public. She is also Executive Director of Science Debate, a non-profit initiative encouraging candidates to address science research and innovation issues on the campaign trail. Sheril Kirshenbaum holds graduate degrees in marine biology and policy. Sheril is the author of The Science of Kissing, which explores one of humanity’s fondest pastimes; and co-authored, with Chris Mooney, Unscientific America: How Scientific Illiteracy Threatens Our Future. Her writing has appeared in publications such as Bloomberg and CNN frequently covering topics that bridge science and society from hydraulic fracturing to climate change. Her work has also been published in scientific journals including Science and Nature and she is featured in the anthology The Best American Science Writing 2010. Sheril speaks regularly around the country at universities, federal agencies, and museums. She has appeared in documentaries and been a guest on such programs as CBS This Morning and The Today Show.

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